Retail Consultancy

Navigating through the increasingly complex Amazon ecosystem requires sophisticated forecasting, analysis, and management tools to achieve optimal operating efficiency. Our set of proprietary intelligence tools and team of Amazon experts are here to help you increase the efficiency of your Amazon store.

  • Retail Consultancy
  • Market Intelligence

    In order to gain a real competitive edge in an incredibly competitive environment such as Amazon, you need to have insight as to moves of the market and your competition. That’s why we have developed and curated an extensive tech stack to provide you a macro-level insight as to your position in the Amazon ecosystem.

  • Market Intelligence
    • Market Share

      Understand current market share, size of market and opportunity, as well as movers and shakers in each category.

      Market And Category Opportunity

      Determine which categories to focus on to generate more sales and understand how many more sales are needed on order to win the “Best Seller” badge in each category.

      Competitor Product Analysis

      In-depth competitive analysis of competitor’s product portfolio and positioning in the market.

      International Expansion Evaluation

      Comprehensive analysis and recommendations as to international market expansion opportunities across other Amazon marketplaces.

      Price and Promotions Planning

      Through a range of sophisticated analytics software, we are able to analyse both current and historical price and promotional data and help you design the most effective pricing strategy to drive sales and margin.

      Stock Rate Analysis & Inventory Forecasting

      Our best in class forecasting tools would give you a clear view of any current or ongoing stocking issues so that you can have more control over planning and decision making.

      Review Response & Analytics

      We understand the importance of reviews for the success of the product listing. This is why from day one we create a response strategy, ensuring continuous and positive engagement with your customers.

      Seller Store Set up /Management

      We help new sellers launch their Amazon stores from beginning to end.

      ARA Premium Integration

      We provide 360 degree view of your performance integrating AMS, organic ranking and ARA Premium data.


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